Our Philosophy

  • 1

    We aim to adhere to the highest standards of ethics, trust and integrity in all our business dealings.

  • 2

    Efficient and professional shall best describe the services that we provide, and the manner by which our personnel deal with our customers.

  • 3

    All our business activities shall be inspired by the need to extend the best possible services to our clients.

SMS Tracking

Samir Shipping Services enables mobile phone users to track the progress of single shipments.

Just text (or ‘sms’) the consignment notes number or customer reference to +91 9841915969 and we will respond with the latest status information about your shipment.

This facility is available for tracking both Indian domestic and international shipments.

Start your message with the word ‘TRACK’ if tracking a consignment note number and then enters the details of the consignment you wish to search for and press ‘send’ it’s that simple.

For example:- to track a consignment note number send the text message “TRACK JOBNO#1234” to the number above.

By return you will receive a live update of the current status of your shipment including time/date of delivery.