Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know more about Samir Shipping and its services?

This website contains all that you need to know about Samir Shipping Limited. Right from the company's profile to the various types of services at offers to financial health of the company.

Go to About us section to find detailed information about Samir Shipping. All types of Services offered Samir Shipping is present under the main menu with the name- Express Distribution, Supply Chain and Samir Shipping Ships.

Q. What kind of Logistic solution does Samir Shipping provides?

Samir Shipping provide multimodal express distribution and Supply Chain Solutions across India and APAC. Detailed information can be taken from the website

Q. Where can I get financial details of Samir Shipping?

The website have a special section for the investors where in they can get every possible detail about the finanicals of Samir Shipping starting from annual reports, stock prices, stock holders informations, etc.

Q. How long has Samir Shipping Services been in Services?

Samir Shipping Services came to life in the spring of 1999. Mr. Sibqathullah started the business. Here we are, 13 years later with an impressive customer base and delivering efficient cargo services to national and across the globe.

Q. What all forms are required for export and import of a cargo?

There are many forms that are required for importing and exporting a commodity. For all the documents that you will require you can click Documents Required .

Q. How do I contact Samir Shipping?

You can call us on 044-25612187 / 25611193 / 42333686. . Alternatively all address / Phone / Mail details are displayed in Locate Us and Contact Us. Using this you can contact Samir Shipping Location you wish to.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

Samir Shipping Services delivers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Q. Do you serve internationally?

Yes. We provide international service to destinations throughout the world. Samir Shipping Services offers you the flexibility and personal attention not available from the larger domestic and international carriers.

Q.Can I know the location serviced /Transit time / Price charged by Samir Shipping?

Yes, all this information and more has been compiled for you under Service menu in user friendly way.

Q. How to lodge a complaint on line?

You can lodge any type of complain related to Samir Shipping and also view the replies given by Samir Shipping's Customer Service. Go to Contact Us section to lodge a complaint.

Q. How do I schedule a pick up online?

You can schedule a pickup from any of the location serviced by Samir Shipping To avail this feature go to My Samir Shipping section and click on Pickup request and fill a small form which contains all the details required for the pick up.

Q. How do I know the Documentation required for each State in India?

Go to Tools section and click on documents required. You will find all information regarding documentation in that section to send shipments to each State of India.

Q. Can Samir Shipping collect payment from the consignee on my behalf?

Yes, Samir Shipping provides a unique COD (Cash on Delivery) facility to facilitate such transaction on your behalf.

Any specific questions please feel free to email us at