Our Philosophy

  • 1

    We aim to adhere to the highest standards of ethics, trust and integrity in all our business dealings.

  • 2

    Efficient and professional shall best describe the services that we provide, and the manner by which our personnel deal with our customers.

  • 3

    All our business activities shall be inspired by the need to extend the best possible services to our clients.



Samir Shipping Services is a rapidly expanding customs, shipping, Clearing & Forwarding agents. Our customer-centric and people-friendly policies are the key to our success.


We value Integrity because it promotes ethical and trustworthy relationships between all parties and enhances our brand and our attractiveness to like-minded people.


We value Professionalism because it provides a level of certainty to all, consistency in the delivery of services, and it underpins all we do on our path to achieving our mission.


We value Transparency because it allows open and honest communication in all areas of our business, thereby encouraging greater contribution by all parties.


We value Respect because through respect we achieve commitment from our staff, loyalty from our customers and a high level of service from our suppliers.